QCoal Foundation Case Study

Grant Toolbox elevates QCoal Foundation’s philanthropic efforts, enhancing the quality of life in regional and remote communities through targeted grant distribution. Annually, QCoal Foundation’s strategic partnerships empower local grantees, fostering sustainable development with significant funding.

Foundation objectives

QCoal Foundation’s vision is to nurture resilient communities by improving health, education, and liveability in regional and remote areas of Queensland. They adopt a social venture framework, collaborating with communities to identify needs, pilot innovative solutions, and establish sustainable programs. Their commitment focuses on delivering measurable, long-term community benefits in their priority areas: health, education, and improved community living standards.

Grant Toolbox solution

To realise QCoal Foundation’s philanthropic ambitions, Grant Toolbox delivered a bespoke grant management system. The solution centralises data and streamlines funding allocation, allowing QCoal to extend their reach and impact. With Grant Toolbox, every dollar is tracked, and every initiative is managed with precision, supporting an increasing number of community projects.

QCoal Foundation now manages an extensive portfolio of grants, focused on the key areas of health, education, and liveability, with a considerable annual grant allocation. Through innovative technology and strategic support from Grant Toolbox, QCoal Foundation is setting a new standard in community-driven philanthropy, ensuring equity and efficiency in grant distribution and fostering vibrant, self-sustaining communities across Queensland.


grant applications annually


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Relevant features

1. Data management

For QCoal Foundation, monitoring and reporting on grant outcomes are crucial. Grant Toolbox’s integrated CRM captures all interactions, streamlines applicant data management, and simplifies reporting, ensuring QCoal’s investments yield tangible community benefits.

2. Flexible to program type and structure

QCoal Foundation undertakes long term social venture partnerships, tertiary scholarships and community grants, all using the adaptable Grant Toolbox platform. The system caters to the unique demands of multiple grant programs, ensuring transparency and efficiency.

3. Real time, visual reporting for board members

Grant Toolbox has fostered a more inclusive and flexible approach to grant management. Cloud-based collaboration has improved visibility and has been instrumental in accommodating the dynamic needs of board members, external reviewers and grantees alike.

"Grant Toolbox has improved transparency and our ability to communicate on our grantmaking. The new dashboards and reporting are really useful for our Board meetings and management reviews. A very powerful and invaluable tool to make better giving decisions."

Sylvia Bhatia
Chief Executive Officer,
QCoal Foundation

By utilising the tailored features of Grant Toolbox, QCoal Foundation has optimised its grant management process, ensuring their mission to enhance health, education, and liveability in regional and remote Queensland is effectively realised.

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