Spotlight Foundation Case Study

Empowering communities through effective grant management, Grant Toolbox supports Spotlight Foundation to support over 100 grantees with a funding range of $1.25 -1.45 million annually.

Foundation objectives

The Spotlight Foundation is dedicated to enabling people in Australia and abroad to access the resources they need for safe, healthy, dignified, and spiritually enriched lives. They place a strong emphasis on honouring families’ heritage by supporting the continuity of their faith and community, ensuring a vibrant and robust culture thrives in Australia. Their dedicated efforts also target improving the lives of vulnerable women, youth, and children. At the heart of their mission is the goal to foster a cohesive and inclusive society, paving the way for a sustainable future for everyone.

Grant Toolbox solution

To fulfil the Spotlight Foundation’s granting objectives, an efficient grant management system was imperative. This is where Grant Toolbox proved invaluable. The platform was tailored to manage their extensive grant portfolio, ensuring that all granting information is captured and centralised. By leveraging Grant Toolbox, funds are efficiently and accurately allocated and tracked for over 100 grantees, significantly streamlining their processes.


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Relevant features

1. Comprehensive tracking and reporting

Tracking progress against outcomes and generating reports were crucial for the Spotlight team. The built-in CRM has been instrumental in tracking all communications and allowing applicants to manage their contact details efficiently.

2. Tailored to match grant programs

Be it a small foundation, large funder with intricate processes like Spotlight Foundation, or local government with transparency requirements, Grant Toolbox is the one-stop solution for all granting requirements.

3. Collaborative working environment

Sharing and collaborating on applications with grantees and team members has made the grant process more inclusive and efficient. The cloud-based system has enhanced the visibility of programs across the growing team, ensuring better coordination and oversight.

Spotlight Foundation Logo

"I am very pleased at the support we have received from the Grant Toolbox team which allows us to effectively manage a large grant portfolio."

Rose Thomas
Grant Manager,
Spotlight Foundation

By utilising the features of Grant Toolbox, the Spotlight Foundation has been able to optimise its grant management process, ensuring that their mission to support a cohesive and inclusive society is effectively realised.

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